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The sophisticated multi-link rear suspension design on the VWG ‘A5’ platform cars (such as Golf 5, 6, Scirocco, A3, S3, Leon, Octavia) relies heavily on the movement in the rubber suspension bushes. This factory rubber bushing allows the suspension parts to move freely, for example, when traveling over bumps and compressions, while minimising transmission of noise and small vibrations through to the chassis of the vehicle.

However, this standard factory bushing has disadvantages when it comes to high-performance applications.  We have been working with our Championship Technical Partners SuperPro to offer the ultimate performance bushing upgrades, with materials specifically developed exclusively for our ‘Cup Edition’ range within the R Performance Parts programme.

The ‘Cup Edition’ Rear Control & Trailing Arm Bush Kit is the result.  It provides a full set of bush upgrades for high-performance track and motorsport use.  Through replacing the original soft rubber with track-proven motorsport polyurethane bushes, the rear geometry control and responses of the car are transformed.

Developed with no less than three different unique polymers within the kit, these are the exact bushes used on our track cars.  This is the ideal companion kit to our ‘Cup Edition’ Front Suspension Upgrade Kit (R45G502).



While the standard factory rubber bushes do their job well on standard road cars, for high-performance uses their softness results in undesirable camber and toe changes in the wheel during high-load conditions (such as hard cornering and braking), adversely affecting the vehicle’s handling.  Once the suspension geometry is compromised this gives the feeling of softness and imprecision to the driver that so often is the case for road cars used on track.

This is particularly true for a car that has covered a higher mileage, as the original rubber bushes become softer with use and ultimately start to break up.

The Cup Edition Rear Uprated Bush Kit replaces all of the original rubber rear bushes in the Rear Control & Trailing Arms with stiff, track-proven polyurethane units, developed to our own specifications.  We use three different materials of differing stiffnesses within the kit, each carefully tailored to each suspension joint.

Golf Mk5+6 Rear Suspension Bush Kit


The difference?  You will instantly feel your car responding with a new-found crispness and precision during cornering.  This transformation does come at a small trade off against ride comfort, but careful design of the bushing materials means that this is achieved with minimal transmission of any excess noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) into the cabin.

Most enthusiast drivers love the feeling of precision, and being more connected with their car and removing the ‘squidge’ that any standard road car gives when driven hard. For any car that has covered higher mileage, replacing the bushes instantly restores the ‘new car feel’, giving a tight, controlled ride and responses.

Ultimately you will have a safer vehicle with more consistent grip and improved feedback. When combined with other suspension modification such as ‘Cup Edition’ Front Suspension Upgrade Kit, the Coilover Suspension range, Solid Adjustable Top Mounts or Anti-Roll bars, the effect on your car’s chassis is transformative.



This kit uses black motorsport specification polyurethane materials for maximum geometry control and driver feedback, developed exclusively for us through our race programme.

As with all SuperPro components, the Cup Edition Rear Bush Upgrade Kit is produced to the highest achievable tolerances for polyurethane. This is essential for the correct fit of each component resulting in the life of the product being maximised and to ensure that the vehicle componentry is not over stressed or damaged.

All the steelwork used in the product range is precision machined for precise fitment for the VWG A5 platform.  The combined properties of extreme resistance to abrasion, low compression set, high tear strength, and a resistance to oils and solvents makes the SuperPro bush material ideal for high-performance applications. These properties lead to a resilient yet compliant material offering shock absorption as well as consistent alignment. The free pivoting design means that there is no spring rate resulting from material wind-up, helping optimise spring & damper settings.

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