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Ever wonder how the Volkswagen Racing Cup cars find the front negative camber, additional caster and geometry control that is so vital on-track?  It’s the ‘Cup Edition’ Front Suspension Upgrade Kit.


The MacPherson strut front suspension layout on the VWG ‘A5’ platform cars (such as Golf 5, 6, Scirocco, A3, S3, Leon, Octavia) is a common design.  Although it is a popular choice for manufacturers, due to its simplicity and low manufacturing cost, the standard design has a few disadvantages when it comes to high-performance applications.

Firstly, there is almost zero freedom to adjust static camber, caster or roll-center geometry – which as we know from our race programme is absolutely critical for handling on the VWG A5-platform cars.

The other drawback for high-performance use is that as this layout tends to transmit noise and vibration from the road directly into the body shell, manufacturers have to add extra noise reduction and isolation mechanisms.  In other words, plenty of movement in the original factory soft rubber bushing controlling the lower control arm.


VWR Susp Banner race

The ‘Cup Edition’ Front Suspension Upgrade Kit is a race-proven package of upgraded hardware and replacement motorsport-specification bushes developed exclusively with our Championship Technical Partners SuperPro for the R Performance Parts range. This is exactly the kit that our Cup Race Cars use, and will transform the handling and steering feedback on your car.   It is the ideal companion kit to our Rear Suspension Bush upgrade (R54G5COMP) – we recommend uprating both front and rear suspension at the same time for best effect.

Together, the fitment of the ‘Cup Edition’ Front Suspension Upgrade Kit will allow you to adjust in an additional 0.5 to 1 degree static negative camber to the front wheels via the slotted lower control arms, together with another degree of castor given by the offset front control arm rear bushes.  Plus it provides a 44% unsprung weight-saving from the cast steel original arms.


The Lower Ball Joints supplied with the kit have a longer pin which provides some roll-centre correction on a lowered car by lowering the angle of the lower arm back down to closer to optimum.

The original soft factory rubber bushing allows the lower arms to move significantly in both the longitudinal and torsional axes in a high-performance environment.  Whether over bumps, compressions, accelerating or braking this movement is highly undesirable for steering response and geometry control on track.  The black, motor-sport specification polyurethane replacement bush materials ensure maximum geometry control and driver feedback, developed exclusively with our Technical Partners SuperPro to our own specifications.  Very importantly compared with rubber bushes, the free pivoting design means that there is no spring rate resulting from material wind-up, helping optimise spring & damper settings.

This is a particularly good upgrade for a car that has covered a higher mileage, as the original rubber bushes will have deteriorated significantly with age.  This kit really brings back the ‘new car’ feel.


The kit is formed from three major component groups:

Lower Arm Banner






BallJoint banner


Front Bushes banner

The difference?  You will instantly feel your car responding with a new-found crispne

Uniqss and precision during cornering.  The option to add in negative camber has a transformative effect on-track for these cars, adding very significantly to the front-end grip on turn-in and through the corner.  The added front grip then allows you to adjust your rear suspension geometry (which is a relatively easy adjustment on the A5-platform) to optimise the balance of the car to your style.  It’s no coincidence that this is the set up that our Cup cars use.

Ultimately you will have a vehicle with noticeably more front-end grip and improved driver feedback. When combined with other suspension modification such as the ‘Cup Edition’ Rear Uprated Bush Kit, Coilover Suspension, Top Mounts or Anti-Roll bars, the effect on your car’s chassis is transformative.uely for this product, the additional caster angle provided by the offset rear control arm bush gives enhanced self-centering action to the steering and thus greater feedback and stability.

This transformation does come at a small trade off against ride comfort with the stiffer bushes, but careful design of the bushing materials means that this is achieved without excessive transmission of any excess noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) into the cabin.

Please note that increasing negative camber will have an effect on tyre wear if the car is used predominantly on road.  The flip side of this is that when used on track it will promote a more even tyre-wear pattern as the wear is spread across the tread much more evenly.

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