Barre anti roulis AV pour Polo 6R GTI/WRC

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Anti roll bar






The Anti Roll Bar (or Anti-Sway Bar) has been developed through our race programme to suit Polo GTI 6R together with the other cars that share this platform.  With the torsion beam rear axle of the Polo, this is a front Anti Roll Bar only.

Polo Anti Roll Bar




Polo R WRC webWhether your Polo is completely standard or fully race prepared, the Anti-Roll Bar will stiffen up the cornering response characteristics of the car significantly through decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the bend.

Yet as they only have an effect in roll, they don’t stiffen up the ride quality in the way that stiff springs do – making this an ideal ‘cross-over’ product to fit the full race technology on your road car without compromise.

RacingLine’s bars have been carefully developed with varying set ups over the past few years of race and track work until we have arrived at what we consider to be the perfect settings.

The Anti Roll Bars work best in combination with our RacingLine Sport Springs.  Manufactured from cold-formed, high strength aircraft grade steel for precision performance, the bar comes in powder-coated gloss blue.


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