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We are pleased to announce our latest product from our motorsport development on the Golf 7 and MQB platform cars – the CUP EDITION INTAKE SYSTEM.

We have developed this for our Golf 7 Volkswagen Racing Cup car programme – so branded ‘Cup Edition’, and are now offering it for race or as a fast-road upgrade.

This new Cup Edition intake replaces the entire restrictive standard air box on the factory Golf 7 GTI and Golf 7 R, plus other MQB cars using the 2.0 TSI EA888 engine, such as Audi S3 and Leon Cupra 280.

Cold air is drawn through the standard front panel aperture into the filter chamber area.  Intake air temperature is protected from the heat of the engine bay with a fully-formed CAD-designed aluminium heat shield which seals against the underside of the bonnet/hood and extends right underneath the filter chamber area.

The Cup Edition Intake System comes with an oversized domed High-Flow TriFoam™ air filter designed to provide increased surface area and dust capacity. This extra surface area provides even more airflow with lower restriction, to ensure that the largest volumes of the coolest possible air is available to the engine at all times. This maximises efficiency and improves drivability and torque throughout the rev range – turbocharger spool dropped nearly 500 RPMs, reducing turbo lag and creating faster turbo response.

All parts have been developed exclusively for Golf 7/MQB – meaning that fitting is very straightforward, and the original mounting points are retained.  This is the attention to detail that makes the our parts different – careful engineering for a perfect fit and function   The Cup Edition intake integrates seamlessly with the factory management system to provide the perfect basis for modifying the car – or as an essential part of higher-level tuning along with remapping or exhaust upgrades.

VWR Cup Edition Intake Kit






The Cup Edition domed intake filter itself is constructed from a TriFoam™ triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam, which gives an exceptionally high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air down to well below 5 microns, whilst not greatly restricting airflow. This exact same filter material is used by F1 teams around the world due to its excellent filtration and airflow properties. In our experience, cheaper (and single-layer) foam filter materials are unable to deliver the same flow and filtration meaning a potentially very risky compromise for your engine.

The end result of our development is the exact Cold-Air Intake System that we use in our Cup race cars, which also makes for one of the most popular modifications for a road car.


Through keeping intake temperatures as low as possibly, and greatly improving airflow into the engine, more power is produced, turbo lag is reduced and better fuel efficiency is achieved.  Our development has shown that a high-flow intake system on the Golf 7 / MQB EA888 engines really only gives worthwhile gains once power outputs reach over 300bhp – up to that level, the original factory intake is satisfactory, especially when combined with our High Flow Panel Filter.   So to really get the most from the Cup Edition intake, its fitment should be combined with a reputable ECU upgrade.

Our testing on the Cup Edition Intake on a Stage 1 Golf 7 R has given gains of 16bhp, or around 5% more effective peak power compared with the standard factory air box.  Yet testing on cars up to 360bhp (and even beyond) shows further increased power improvements from the Cup Edition Intake system, as the standard air box and filter reaches and exceeds its airflow limit, and in some cases at 500rpm less revs in doing so.  With higher powered cars, so come greater gains.


The intake uses a fully formed black powder-coated aluminium shield which separates the high flow triple-layer filter from the hot air of the engine bay.  The shield extends not only up to the underside of the hood/bonnet, but also underneath the filter unit ensuring the best possible separation of cold, fresh air from the heated air of the rest of the under-bonnet area.

VWR Cup Edition 1VWR Cup Edition 3


The intake uses only the highest quality materials, all built and hand-assembled in the UK.  As a ram air style intake, it draws cold, dense air directly from the front edge of the front panel under the bonnet’s leading edge. Meanwhile, the filter shield ensures that intake air is principally drawn from outside the engine bay – not the hot air from the engine bay that can affect non-enclosed intake designs without a well-designed heat shield.



As a race-bred intake system, you can hear the rich induction noise as soon as you first accelerate hard.  With the increased airflow from this system, you will also not miss the sound of the diverter valve opening when you lift between gears.   However volume levels are well-contained, and the sound quality is music to the ears of any enthusiastic driver!



Please note that non-enclosed air intakes such as this Cup Edition Intake are not legal for use in some countries/US states.  For these markets, R600 Full Intake system or the Panel Air Filter will be ideal.

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